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Global Hyper Critical Advisory Team

Thomas Strickland

Hyper Critical InfrastructurePrincipal – CISO – Chief NERC CIP Consultant

Mr. Strickland has 35 years in information technology guiding and consulting with global companies, governmental agencies and critical infrastructure entities and designed and delivering Global HyperCISO-as-a-Service and NERC-CIP solutions.

Highly experienced NERC-CIP, compliance, cyber & physical security, data center, critical infrastructure, risk management, data integration and information technology leader dedicated to the successful management, design, development, delivery and recovery of enterprise wide services to global companies and government agencies.

Mr. Strickland has extensive experience managing and delivering global NERC-CIP solutions for risk remediation, innovation and trusted advisor to Executive Management. Areas of expertise includes teaming with all levels relating to global information technology, IT assessments, data center management (including design, build out, migrations, 24/7 operations and recovery), logical, cyber and physical security, IT audit and compliance, policies and procedures, project scoping and delivery of professional services and business development practices. Vertical areas of expertise include Banking, Healthcare, Chemical, Energy/Nuclear/Utilities/Oil/Gas, NIST, FERC/NERC, IT audit and compliance, datacenters, E‐commerce, security, Department of Homeland Security, GDPR, HIPAA, Payment Card Industry (PCI), Smart Grid, Sarbanes‐Oxley 404 and 508 (SOX), General Computer Controls (GCC) Audit and Testing, Gramm‐Leach‐Bliley (GLB), PKI, telecommunications, disaster recovery, command and control centers, software and systems development and management.

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